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By:Erica L. Crump
Published on 2011-09 by


|Meet sisters Cookie, Victoria, Mya, and Lola. They call themselves |The Dexter Divas| and pride themselves on always being there for each other. Oldest sister Cookie is trying to keep her marriage on track after her husband throws a curveball in their |perfect marriage.| Victoria is trying to lose excess weight off her body as well as dead weight in a slacker live-in boyfriend. Mya is determined to get her |married boyfriend| to divorce his wife and finally marry her. At the same time, she is struggling with her explosive mood swings that she can't seem to control. And Lola, the baby of the family, is finally trying to move past the violent death of her son's father and allow love into her life again. But what happens when love, jealousy, betrayal, and unforgiveness explode at the most inopportune time?|--Publisher's description.

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